Winter Services

Black Diamond Concierge Services will assist you with creating the most memorable, relaxing, exciting, fun stay here in the Vail Valley with efficiency and ease.   Where the rate for a service is not known because there are many choices in providers, Black Diamond can secure a rate, communicate that and then make a reservation or hold appointments with a guest credit card.



Black Diamond can assist with finding the best gear to rent whether you are a skier or boarder, are experienced or a beginner.  There are so many options for rentals and equipment storage at Vail and Beaver Creek.  We can help make this as easy and efficient as possible so that you don’t spend extra time on this tedious task.


Black Diamond Concierge Services works with the management team at the Vail and Beaver Creek Ski & Snowboard School to find the perfect instructor match for you and your family so that every moment on the slopes is maximized!  Trust that you will learn, grow, and have fun during your vacation thanks to The Vail and Beaver Creek Ski and Snowboard Schools. Expect world-class instructors and a wide variety of classes based on ability and interest to make the most of your vacation.


Perhaps you are seeking a more unique, thrilling, adventurous snowy experience?  Black Diamond Concierge Services can assist with booking many experiences including:  snowmobiling, ice climbing, tubing, dog sled tours, x-country skiing, snowshoe tours, Adventure Ridge @ Vail Mountain and more.


Vail, Beaver Creek and the surrounding communities are home to some of the finest mountain event venues like the Vilar Center for the Performing Arts and the Ford Amphitheater.  Black Diamond Concierge Services can assist with securing tickets to events at these amazing venues as well as others.  Check the Vail Events Calendar for fun things to do during your stay and then let Black Diamond do the rest.   



Vail has a distinctly European dining style. This is the town in which to sample creamed pheasant soup or bite into a good cut of venison.  There is no reason to eat poorly during your stay!  Black Diamond Concierge Service can assist you with finding the dining experiences you are craving!  


The Vail Valley is home to some of the best spas, yoga studios and massage therapists in Colorado.  Whether you’ve spent a day on the slopes or walking through Vail Village to indulge in shopping, perhaps you are just looking to relax and pamper yourself, we can help you find the services and ambience you are seeking. 


Black Diamond Concierge Services has relationships with several private chefs in the Vail Valley.  We can find the perfect match for you during your stay.



Black Diamond can schedule mid-stay housekeeping on behalf of an in-house property owner or guest.  48-hour notice recommended.


Black Diamond, upon written request, can stock the property for owners and guests.  Black Diamond cannot stock tobacco, liquor or marijuana products as there are age specific laws concerning these substances.


Parcels can be packaged and shipped via USPS, UPS and FedEx.   Packing materials and shipping costs will be billed directly to in-house owner or guest.

Humidifiers & Oxygen

The mountains of Colorado are among the most beautiful parts of the United States, and we hope you enjoy every minute of your visit. However, some of the very features that make this area so attractive may also cause you problems.  Black Diamond can provide supplemental oxygen and humidifiers to assist with breathing at altitude.