Areas serviced: 
East Vail to Edwards throughout the Vail Valley


Lawn Care

We provide both commercial and residential lawn care which includes mowing, trimming and bowing on a weekly basis. Consistent crews visit your property which allows us to monitor your grounds. We catch issues before it may become a problem or emergency situation.



It is possible to apply fertilizers and practice weed control at the same time. Black Diamond manages weeds with fertilizers that are slow release three times a year (in the spring, summer and fall). As your grass takes in those nutrients, it’s root system will develop and expand to cover any bare spots. With proper maintenance efforts we will get to a point where your grass is so healthy that it crowds out most weeds.

Power Thatching/Aeration

Black Diamond helps your lawns overall health by aerating it once a year. Aerating on a regular basis helps reduce thatch which assist in deeper roots for a healthier lawn.



Then Black Diamond starts up your irrigation system we will check that your sprinkler heads are working properly. We will check over the system for leaks, set the water clock and test zones. Throughout the summer we are able to diagnose and repair irrigation issues. As our mowing are monitoring your lawn‘s health, they are trained on how to adjust water usage as needed. Local knowledge of drought, watering schedules are helpful for our out of town homeowners. As fall New Year’s we are tapering your water usage and turning off your system at the appropriate time. The proper winterization of your system sets us up for a successful start up come the spring.





A rich well cultivated garden takes more than seeds and plants. It begins with solid soil cultivation. Next an understanding of shade and sun light plants is necessary. Plant placement is vital. Maintaining the garden with consistent weed control, and deadheading would go nowhere without the proper installation of irrigation. Black Diamond can help you with this entire process or any portion of it.


Whether it’s perennials or annuals in your garden, planter boxes or pots, we can help with your planting needs. Utilizing local greenhouses; our flowers have a great success rate. Our irrigation crews assist us with ensuring your flowers will thrive.


Let’s be honest no one likes to weed, but everyone loves to see a beautiful garden or flower bed. We are happy to help maintain not only what we planted , but also help with your existing weed control. We train our crews to get to the root of the problem, not just pull off the tops.


Other Services

Spring Cleanup

By raking your lawn and garden we remove debris from winter time activity, including branches and cinders.

Fall Cleanup

Broken branches from early season storms are raked up and collected. Perennial flowerbeds are cut down and annuals are removed. 

Felling Trees

Small and midsize trees are cut down and hauled away.

Trimming Bushes

Hand and or electric trimmers are used to cut back and help manicure bushes.